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KNS Ambassador Program

KNS Ambassador Program

Updated 10.09.20


The KNS Ambassador Program provides individuals within the Streetwear / Sneaker Culture space to represent the Kicks ‘N’ Steez brand to gain access to leads and opportunities they may not have been able to do alone otherwise.

This is also an entry level opportunity for our ambassadors to learn how to do business with us, and become entrepreneurs of their own within the space.


  • Must be affiliated within the Streetwear / Sneaker Culture

  • Influence
    • Micro = At Least 1-5K Followers
    • Macro = At Least 10-50K Followers

  • Social Bio Must Include:
    • Ambassador @kicksnsteez

  • Social Posts Must Include:
    • @kicksnsteez wherever applicable
    • Must be an active account
      • Posting fairly regularly
        • At Least 1-2 Times / Week
        • Suggested 1-3 Times / Daily


  • Friends & Family Pricing for Single Unit Orders

  • Wholesale Pricing for Bulk Orders
    • Allows you to resell at Retail Price or other price point at your own discretion amongst your direct network

  • Media Pass for Industry Events
    • Occasional / Discounted

  • Industry Network Opportunity Leads
    • As Needed 

  • 10% Kickback Referral Sales
    • Provide Audience with Unique Discount / Referral Code