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THE JUMP: Prep The Mindset

So you think you want to give reselling a shot, but you're not sure where to start?

Here's some motivation and hopefully guidance towards the right path for you as you determine whether or not this is for you.

Or better yet, validate that reselling is for you.. and redefine your hustle.


You can resell everything you see yourself passionate about, and whatever things you already spend alot of time and money with. Matter of fact, this is highly suggested as an end goal, because if you enjoy doing it might as well find a way to be able to keep supporting yourself for more of it, right?

I can't tell you what's right or wrong for you - because there are too many factors that have worked for me, but may not do so for you. This includes age gaps, different lifestyles, living situations, financial situations, etc.

So instead, I will relay on how I went about it and figured out what did work for me. That way it can hopefully help you figure out how to go about things for yourself.

But firstly, let's break the ice and be rest assured:
Reselling is Totally Legal, Safe, Ethical, and has Stock-Like Risks.

The risks become more of sure wins as you build up experience and confidence in your hustle and the things you are selling.


As the saying goes, every hustle is different for everyone.. and there's not a one hustle suits all blueprint around. Otherwise, everyone would be doing the exact same thing.

And if that's the case, things would be boring and there wouldn't be hype around at all LOL. That's what starts hype - Being Different From The Rest.

But that's the beauty of discovering and redefining your hustle. As you see that and your perspectives widen, you notice the aspects where you can see yourself pumped up with and potentially killing the game.. as well as aspects where you just don't vibe or lack badly with it.

At the time that you're reading this, take a lil breather to think out loud to yourself.

What are some things you see yourself passionate about and having fun with?

And what is 1-3 things you can see yourself seriously driven to do on a daily basis for the next few years - and potentially the rest of your life with?

Be real with yourself, cuz when you discover this first, thinking about making the jump becomes a no-brainer and you'll just see yourself taking the leap and run with it.


When I first started out in Late FW 2017, I saw that I had alot of things around that I just had but didn't use or need.. and about $100 Cash tops in my pocket.

A homie I grew up with was telling me about the hype of the streetwear brand, Supreme, and encouraged me to give reselling clothes another try. He sold me a couple Supreme beanies (deadstock) that costed me that last bill with some change left.

I took those beanies on FB Market / OfferUp, and was surprised to see that I was getting inquiries left and right for them. I saw what they go for in other platforms such as ebay and based my prices with other sellers.

Those two beanies were slow game for me to cashout for my initial asking, but the hype on how many people were hitting me up for them were real.

I ended up selling both beanies within 2-3 weeks with a nice 20% increase overall.

From that point on, I did my best to sell or trade out the stuff I didn't want or need around anymore for more Supreme gear. It was a slow bumpy start, but once I got the hang of it, the deals starting flowing more for me.

I zoned in with getting more Supreme and trying to flip those more than anything first, before diving into other brands.


  • Reselling is legit, safe, and has moderate risks (as you build experience).
  • Reselling is a big massive hustle, where anything goes.
  • Start with selling what you don't use / want / need anymore around.
  • Focus more on what the people want more of.
  • Start out small, before going deep in.
  • Be real with yourself, and focus on your passion(s).


Let us know if there's any questions or concerns you have for us below.

We'll do our best to answer them in the thread or cover them in our next portion of Sole Food.

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