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THE ART OF THE FLIP: Digging The Roots From Rock Bottom

For most of my life I was considered broke af. And it wasn't until I gave reselling another shot and fully dived in this past year that's been helping me dig my way out of that position.

Here's a glance of my financial back story and how I made the jump to reselling - from less than $100 in my pocket in 2017 to being able to make above minimum wage a month by the end of 2018.

And it's real legit hard earned legal money!


My family derived from a fairly poor Filipino history where both sides of my mom and dad had parents who ran their own businesses' and eventually made it out to the U.S. who would then pave the way for their kids and their grand kids (my generation).

My grandma from my mom's side ended up building a board-and-care facility out of the only home she had in the 1980s to where we now own multiple homes for both the elderly and special needs. This was something I grew up with all my life, and was the norm for me.

Ironically, despite being born with a silver spoon, my own personal welfare felt nothing close to what you may expect it to be.

I wasn't living off of EBT and coupons nor stuck in a small apartment with my direct family, but I always seemed to just be getting by or barely having enough money to do much or go anywhere.


In 2005, I was flipping Nike SBs and other random gear in high school but as that wave died out and my priorities changed up, reselling kinda fell off the grid for me.

4-5 years later upon graduating high school, I got pushed to be "safe" by my folks and tackle a career in Pharmacy. That path ended up being stale and although the pay was okay, it was clear to see I wasn't happy in that field.

Meanwhile, I was really preparing myself for a pursuit in Music (my real passion at the time) behind their backs. My parents were supportive to an extent, but they never really saw music to be "practical" or something that would help pay the bills.

I went to school for it, spent countless hours on my crafts, and even landed some internship gigs in Los Angeles at professional record production studios while I was at it.. there was just one thing - it was free work and I was living off accumulating debt.

In short: I was flat broke and digging a bigger hole for myself as time passed by.

So eventually, I had to let that dream subside for now until I could figure out how to get myself financially stabled first to allow that kind of risk again - if I were to get back to that scene.

All meanwhile, I would end up helping out with the family business to help pay the bills and school loans. This also gave me time to help out a best friend of mine with his startup, Hardkour Performance, while I was still trying to figure things out for myself.


Reselling never really left me. It was something I was always doing on and off throughout my years that I can remember; From selling / trading Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards in elementary to Nike SBs in high school to Music Gear in college.. I was already considered a reseller and just didn't recognize it. LOL

l just saw it as something to pass time and to get by for quick cash, but didn't really see it as a possible career.. until 2017, when I had nothing but less than $100 bucks to my name and a room full of clothes and stuff that don't get used or worn too often.

The same friend (jnukes_hkp) I was helping out with his startup, sold me a couple Supreme beanies (deadstock) at retail value and the rest was history from there. I would work on getting rid of clothes and things that are just sitting around for more Supreme. Then eventually, flipping those for cash or more gear, and as I kept reinvesting all that I could into it, it became a growing business and brand of its own that you see today. 


Just want to leave this blog with some final thoughts for you and your current situation.

If you feel that you're struggling.. to make a sale, to make money, to get more gear.. or just advance in life.. just keep trying something new as life goes by, and eventually elements from all your failures will add up to help you through your moment.

I am still struggling, but I am better off now than I was a year ago because of the several years I spent in preparation of various skill sets that could be versatile and useful for any pursuit. 

And lastly, break away from your own wants / needs first and see how you can create and give more value to the world and those around you first.

Not only does it make you feel good when you give.. but I've also come to believe that the more I did for others and gave back to the world (when I can), the more the world gave back to me when I'm in desperate need.


We'll get into learning how to get more smart with your money, and key elements on numbers you should keep in mind to help you get more financially fit for life.

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