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We are now on Youtube and IGtv! Be sure to lock us in as we will providing more video content as much as we can for you folks.

You can expect content about the Streetwear / Resell Game, sharing Mindsets, and so much more via IG Live - raw, uncut, and unedited.


KNStv has already started on IGtv, and is in transition to also be available onto Youtube.

Currently hosted by me (founder / owner), Mark Steez, as I document my thoughts and some behind-the-scenes footage via Instagram Live.

With running business solo since Fall 2017, I managed to make 5 figures in sales by the end of 2018. And during that time, I was hiding behind a one-man brand just figuring out if I can justify this hustle for myself at a longer run and an extended commitment.

Now as we go into Spring/Summer 2019, KNS has been developing a local core team as I'm becoming more confident to be more open with our followers and supporters of what really goes down behind-the-scenes of our brand and company. 

In these videos, you will get a feel and sense of a startup resell company that's being home operated. Camera view and angles will be in-your-face document style live, raw, uncut, and unedited.

And as you continue to stick around, we hope you see us progressing into something that will inspire you to hustle with what you have and just run with it to your fullest capabilities.


This is our series we've started out with at the beginning of the year 2019. As we get in new gear in, we will be showcasing them before they get listed and posted for grabs. This allows our potential customers to look forward to what's coming in, and get hyped on the drops a lil more.

Aside from "Unboxing," you can also expect us to showcase anything else noteworthy that we just picked up and releasing soon to the public, or gifted.

This can also be referred to a product review mesh as we are looking to incorporate more sensual details of our latest pickups to give you a better idea of the quality our incoming goods are like. And hopefully it gives you a better feel if you can justify if you would be looking to buy them or not.


This is our recent new series we've just added into the mix, and has been a long-time coming as we've been getting requests since we've started business.

PLAY OF THE DAY has been an idea longing to be executed, but we just haven't figured how to go about it.. until now!

In these series, you can expect to catch tid bits of our Mindsets, Spiritual Outlooks, and the ideas we put into execution to make the day productive and one step closer to reaching our next levels in the game.

Brace yourself folks, as this may be the most valuable series everyone has been waiting for us to put out.. because we will be holding no secrets back! Everything we learn from ourselves and our fellow resellers will be put on blast here to help you step your game up with us.

It took us a year before we can put this kind of stuff out, because we wanted to be a product of our own word, and to prove ourselves that this is something we can teach and feel that we are leading others towards a right path.

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