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RIP Nipsey Hussle: An Iconic Underground Legend Gone Too Soon


Crenshaw Urban Rapper / Entrepreneur, Nipsey Hussle (33), was reportedly shot dead in front of his LA store front.

In this blog post, we would like to pay tribute to what he’s done for us indirectly.

May his spirit and family be in peace.


The grammy nominated rap artist, Nipsey Hussle, has been on repeat in our playlists this past month or so with his debut album, Victory Lap, along with his previous mixtape albums.

We first found out about this shocking news via Instagram through a commemorable tribute post by Fear Of God owner, Jerry Lorenzo.

Jerry expresses: "You always supported me. and although i wanted to gift you, you insisted that you pay full price for everything... you wanted to fully support me and i was proud to get to know you. we had some great conversations about sobriety, faithfulness, fatherhood and spirituality... you will be missed man. none like you. few compared. love you bro. thank you for being a great example of what “real” really means. 🖤"


Sources with LA Times suggests that the incident was suspected to be gang-related although no clear solid evidence has emerged yet as to how the suspect arrived or fled the scene.

In an early 2014 interview with Vlad TV, Nipsey confesses to had joined The Rollin' 60's, a notorious crips gang, as an early tennager.
The LA Times passage also validates the stories I recalled reading and hearing about Nipsey through my college days, which made this even more shocking news to hear.

Nipsey was someone who always gave back to his community and people that supported him in every way that he could possible. Whether it be monetary or providing jobs for people, he was well respected locally. And a rising legend to both his community and the entertainment scene.



During my college years when I was heavily into the music scene, Nipsey Hussle, was still a rising star - a local out from South LA who was always reppin' his city, Crenshaw, and being featured / affiliated with some of the biggest brands around such as The Hundreds, IMKing, and Popular Demand amongst others.

His story was always appealing to me when I would hear the new music he put out, or the new business move he just made. Nipsey Hussle was one of the biggest hustlers out there - and a goat in the making!

I remember tuning in one day with LA radio show, Big Boy's Neighborhood, back when it was still running with Power106 and celebrating the opening of the Marathon Clothing store front.

To then years later, catching him on a show with Gary Vee sharing his mindset and perspectives of the hustle. The man was indeed legendary to the point that to this day Nipsey had gained mainstream recognition and heavy local respect while still keeping underground.

Sad to see such an icon go too soon, but may his hustle and character continue on with the lives he touched. Prayers out to his loved ones!

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