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Players of The Game: From Basketball to Reselling


If you're new to business and the resell game, another way to think of it is like a game of basketball - our preferred approach style.

Here's how we correlate the two worlds to be seen as one as we layout the players in the game.


Business is a very broad and widely ranged topic. But maybe taking this mindset through a game of basketball may be easier for some to understand how to tackle their resell game or other venture(s).

There's a grip of different elements in the game of basketball itself, so I'll do my best to break things down and hopefully make sense as best as possible.

From Camps, NBA Drafts, Relationships with the Players, and the game itself.. Get ready, 'cuz this is gonna be some heavy game to soak in and might need a few reads to comprehend and lock in the full extent of it all.


The NBA Draft involves teams raffling off priority selection to recruit new players onto their team as a Rookie into the professional league. You can consider this phase like the raffles retail companies do online and in-store to buy some hyped sneakers or streetwear gear that more than likely has a good chance of carrying a higher resell value.

In the resell scene, all the players looking to get recruited or picked to buy the hyped item enter through as many places as they can to raise a higher chance to win.

Just like in basketball, teams lookout to recruit the player that would best fit their team, resellers lookout to acquire the best item / size that best fits their customers.

So in a sense, you should not be picking up just anything you can, but what you think will make sense to your current clientele.


The following are the player positions in the resell game to see their qualities and the value they can bring you and your team.

In basketball, there's several positions on the court: Point Guard (PG), Shooting Guard (SG), Small Forward (SF), Power Forward (PF), and Center (C)

And like a game of basketball, one player can play as any position but has certain attributes that make them more valuable to play on certain position(s) than others.


Let's put the "Los Angeles Lakers" into perspective on this. What does it make you think of? Did you get it? You should be able to think of their main gold / purple colors, the logo, and the retired superstar, Kobe Bryant.

These are elements what a brand does. It makes you think of all these different type of elements that reminds you of the team. Your brand should have similar attributes to help create a lasting impact on others on how / what to remember you by. 


You may be a benchwarmer and active in practice for now, but with a keen eye into seeing how the game works you can develop into a seasoned veteran and in full flight mode on the scene through experience. Either way, this is your starting point as you figure out your best attributes and the positions you'll best thrive at.

1. THE CLOSER: Shooting Guard

This is someone like Kobe Bryant, who can make the pitch and close out on a deal. Someone in this position will work on every aspect of the pitch, talking to people, and trying to figure out how or where they can make a deal anywhere at any moment. They are the go-to-guy in clutch moments to secure a win.

2. THE PLAYMAKER: Point Guard

This is someone who understands the game on & off the court, and has a wide vision of the in-game motions of the active players. For a reseller, this is someone who keeps up-to-date on the latest trends and news in the scene, they position their teammates to create the best play to make the best chances of making a bucket aka closing a deal. And they are aware of the moves the squad is making as a whole.

3. THE RECRUIT: Small Forward / Power Forward

This is someone who is good at recruiting a pull affect and bringing in new teammates, partners, or potential customers. They may not be good at closing out a deal, but they can definitely set it up and make something happen. They understand relationships and will dominate with aggressive business tactics such as initiating calls, emails, gorilla marketing, etc. They are always in the forefront of looking to make a power move.

4. THE CORE: Center

This is someone who may be a lil more slow in the game, but understands the concepts and can make a big heavy impact with small actions. They are better in smaller deals that takes little to no persuasion. They see the opportunities from within everyone else's contributions and gravitate to become a pillar in the team.

They may be more effective in the more smaller tasks which are just as valuable to keeping the resell squad running: Finding New Products to Sell, Taking Product Shots, Listing Products, Shipping Orders, etc.


The following are positions you and your team will have to be up against and overcome to close a deal out. These are different players in the other side of the game that are to defend their hard earned money or something they have leverage against you that you are looking to sell them on - whether it be a product, service, or agreement.

Players on this side can have multiple positions as well, and are not limited nor entitled to their descriptions.


This is someone who can be an End Consumer, someone who is genuinely interested to use the product or service. Whoever is with the money and paying you would be considered the customer in most cases.


This is a company who sells a certain product by batches for an exclusive discounted price. They're more known to work closely with retailers, and will provide an exclusive discount so the retailer can make profit from a sale.

Example: Costco sells goods by the bundle which some may be used to sell individually for potential profits and not just for personal use.


This is where the buying and selling mainly happens. All the listings, ads, inquiries, and online transactions happen here. There are markets all around us for potential buying and selling, and most of which include search history of what has been selling. Here is a key source to generate cash flow.

Example: Our main used market places used - OfferUp, eBay, Grailed, Mercari, etc. 


This is where your products can be seen by locals in-person. They are not directly part of your team, but will work with you like a partnership by helping to sell your goods for a sales cut on their end.

This is effective, because now you can leverage their foot traffic and your products get more eyes and hands on your product thus resulting to more chances of a sale. Meanwhile it saves them upfront costs.


This may not be the full scope of the resell scene, but it is to the best knowledge and analogy I've been able to come up with with the experience I've built up. The game is always changing as are the players, but the concepts of what they do and how it all works tend to stay consistent.

When you understand these concepts and how each player works, you understand how to go about your moves for yourself and your team - not just as resellers, but as entrepreneurs which they can translate and be used to any ventures you may enter.

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