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NEWS ALERT: The Birth of a Power Trio

GOAT, an acronym of “Greatest Of All Time”, launched in July 2015. And within a span of less than five (5) years has become a staple of the Resell Sneaker Culture.

Here's some things you must know about GOAT app and the potential foresights we should anticipate with its newly equipped power partners: Flight Club & Foot Locker.


If it hasn't rang a bell for you yet, Goat has easily become one of the first go-to online marketplaces for resellers to check completed sales (comps) and compare current values of sneakers.

With a solid intuitive app platform and a simple-to-use intricate website, they run on a unique point system based on the seller's reputation on submitted / sold shoes.

They were one of the early adopters along with StockX to spear head this new wave of online consignments system.

What makes it great is that you're able to list it for sale with them, while still holding onto the stock if you wish.


Flight Club has emerged as one of the most trusted names in the game with authentic sneakers. From their jump in 2005, they've evolved from limited select brands to now housing the most coveted shoes in the game.

The partnership with Goat App was announced sometime early last year (2018) and has been said to become the world’s first superpower in the sneaker space.

Sealing the deal to join forces with Flight Club put Goat App on top tier gas. Because Flight Club is now associated with Goat, sellers have the option of using both companies to consign their sneakers with and knowing they're in good hands.

On side note: Flight Club is a boutique store with multiple locations within New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. Being within these big name towns brings in heavy foot traffic and sneaker enthusiasts all around the world. It only makes sense for an online only brand like Goat App to join forces with them both now sharing the intel of both worlds.

Both companies are still operating individually at the moment.  


More recently (2019) and about a year later after Goat App and Flight Club have established their partnership, they acquired a third power player to their squad: Foot Locker.

With over 3,000 retail stores in 27 countries, Foot Locker has been a leading provider in sneakers & athletic apparel.

So we have had Goat App dealing with the online game, Flight Club with the In Real Life (IRL) consignments boutique space, and more recently Foot Locker plugged in with the distribution connect!


More opportunities to Buy, Sell, and Trade in countless aspects. Thus creating more money moves not just by these three companies themselves, but us - the fellow resellers - as well.

There hasn't been much word from them since the last partnership announcement, but we can bet that there's going to be big slight, but solid changes to come with how each company operates.

Goat App is expected to upgrade their site and app functionality, Flight Club might open its doors for direct online consignment with Goat (if they haven't already), and Foot Locker is said to build a direct bridge system for customers to consign sneakers upon release if they wish to do so. 

This means that the time it would take to collect a sneaker, then list it for the resell market will be sufficiently quicker as resellers wouldn't need to be at the store in person.


The possibilities are endless and will only shift the culture forward into a new game play and yet again change the way the reselling process has gone by.

With how these three companies will execute, it's only a matter of time until we see them shake up the scene, but for now we should be aware of them and what each one brings to the table.

Alone, each of them have already brought heavy value to the sneaker culture individually and if we can anticipate how they'll work together, we can stay ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of the early adopters to what they have to offer as a whole to the community. 


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