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LIFE LESSONS: Reflections from a Minimum Wage Job

I worked at a local Popeye’s chicken in Summer 2013, just wanting to know how it was like first hand to work at a bare minimum wage job.

It was a new experience and I love fried chicken, plus I had a homie from highschool that was a manager there so I got the job ensured.

I learned alot within the short 6 months I was there. From knowing storage to meal preps to cooking.. and down to handling the $$ and customers.

At first I was happy because of the new environment and the new homies I’ve made. I even helped contribute to the joint getting a 30-40% increase on customer hospitality & feedback inputs, and was one of the few to never miss out on a penny when it came to balancing out the register. 

Customers were even small talking to me and acknowledging my charisma I had, and encouraged me to have my own tip jar so they can leave their change for me. I was a game changer for them!

But I knew it was just part of a process for me to chase towards something I’d be more passionate about, and it was just a matter of time until the lead manager (at the time) showed his true colors towards me.

In the last couple months of my hire, he became more envious of all the praise I was getting, and he felt inferior. So during those last month(s), he would always try to mentally break me down or ware me out.

During my shifts, he would always add more tasks on my load from his and others’ duties. He would even send everyone including himself out on a 30-60min break, leaving me holding down the joint all alone by myself.

That last couple months quickly turned to hell for me because of that situation, but it taught me how to keep my integrity through tough times and to work my ass off until I worked like I own the joint.

Because of him, I became an honorable top employee by the time I left. Knowing all the ins & outs that I could, so I could be of value to my team and customers, assisting as needed.

- Mark Steez


- First and foremost, we must learn to keep our integrity and treat people with respect and unconditional love at all times as best as we can.

- Develop yourself so well that you become invaluable and a solid asset for everyone around you.

- Learn as much as you can from your current hustle and circumstances to help you advanced to your personal next levels.

- There will always be some people we just can't seem to win over, and we have to learn to be okay and learn how to deal with them for the bigger cause.

- At the end of our job, it's the customers / consumers we have to learn to care for at our best.

- Although dealing with our co-workers / colleagues may become secondary, we must remember that WE are a TEAM.. A family to serve others that need something we have to offer or provide for them.


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